Hi, I’m Anand Chowdhary, a creative engineer, interaction designer, and entrepreneur from New Delhi, India, currently living in the beautiful city of Enschede in the Netherlands.

These days, I’m working as the CEO of Oswald Labs, an accessibility technology company I founded to bring the next billion users online. I’m also studying Creative Technology at the University of Twente and am a Software Engineering Consultant to El Niño.

Previously, I was a design and technology consultant to startups like Cyankart, SixteenInches, and Justice Adda, and have worked on projects with organizations including the United Nations, the University of Cambridge, and the Government of Delhi.

I occasionally speak at events, pen down my thoughts on my blog and have a very outdated portfolio. You can connect with me on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook. I write code on Github and words on Medium.

Thanks for visiting!