I have been very honored and humbled to be featured in many leading publications. The following is a very infrequently updated list:

Are You Tech Savvy? Meet This Super Teen Who Has Created MAGIC For People On How To Use The Web Student Stories · September 7, 2017

BharatHacks, a Hackathon to Solve Problems for India
BW Disrupt · July 27 2017

Oswald Foundation, 10 Month Old Startup Goes Multinational
BW Disrupt · July 14 2017

At just 16 and 18, these Delhi teens are using tech to make the web accessible to dyslexics and the visually impaired
YourStory · March 15 2017

Anand Chowdhary — Necessity Leading to Innovation
Humans of Entrepreneurship · October 25 2016

App to Help Dyslexics Browse the Internet
Hindustan Times · August 7 2016 (print)

Special Needs Technology Devised By Teens
Parent Herald · August 4 2016

Delhi Teens Created a Reading App for People with Dyslexia. Bravo!
ScoopWhoop · August 3 2016

Tech Helps People with Dyslexia & Visual Impairment Read on the Web
The Better India · August 1 2016

Delhi Teens Want to Change the Web with their Reading App for Dyslexics
The Huffington Post · August 1 2016

Learn How Two Teens from Delhi are Coding to Make the World a Better Place!
AngelHack · June 18 2016

Young Achievers / Anand Chowdhary: The Class Rebel
Under 25 Club · October 19 2015

Dream Big, Start Now — Anand Chowdhary
The Education Tree · September 7 2015 Redesign
Redsgned · September 5 2014

Cover Story
Time Out Magazine · April 2012 (print)

Delhi Kids Show the Way
Hindustan Times · March 30 2009 (print)