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University of Twente

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In my post Life Update: College, I said that Creative Technology at the University of Twente was my absolute favorite program after researching through tens of leading universities and their design and engineering programs. I’m super excited to announce that that’s what I’ll be studying this year.

The UT has a beautiful 1.5 km2 campus in Enschede. Enschede is the 13th largest city in the Netherlands, with a population about 158,000. It has a beautiful city flag and is an incredibly entrepreneurial city, with the Novel-T Accelerator, Kennispark Business Center, and over 400 startups. I’ll be living in the Mondriaan, named after the Dutch painter, on the Calslaan.

I’m especially passionate about the Creative Technology program (CreaTe) based it’s a perfect marriage of design and technology. The first year consists of four modules — We Create Identity, Smart Environments, Living and working Tomorrow, and Art, Impact and Technology.

We Create Identity is essentially introductory, consisting of programming, introduction to computer science and engineering, a week of math, visual communication design, web tech, video, and more. I personally love the diverse nature of the program, since I’m super interested in both engineering and design. All modules end with a project/portfolio item, alongside an essay or reflection.

The second module has a pretty descriptive name, Smart Environments. It’s got everything from sketching, project management, and time management, to the hardcore physical computing and programming lectures. Mathematics and modelling and systematic engineering and design are two classes I’m particularly interested in. I don’t have any prior hardware/electronics knowledge, so this is something I’m extremely looking forward to.

Living and working Tomorrow, Ideation and Explorative Design is essentially the natural step after Smart Environments and deals with the intrinsic designs of these devices. Interactive visualization and rapid prototyping, physical and dynamical systems, contextual design, etc. Art, Impact and Technology is the final module that consists of algorithms, statistics, human factors, and pitching.

What’s exciting me is that all of this is just the first year of CreaTe. I also gave an interview to BW Disrupt about opening an office for Oswald Foundation in Enschede. I hope to take some of our technology to the European markets, and I’m super excited about the doors Twente will open for me.