I built and pub­lished my first per­sonal web­site in 2008. You’re cur­rently vis­it­ing the 26th ver­sion of this web­site.

Stack #

This web­site was de­vel­oped in the JAM stack us­ing Eleventy, de­signed with Sass, tem­plated in Nunjucks, and writ­ten in Markdown. It looks very sim­i­lar to my pre­vi­ous web­site, but has some new con­tent cat­e­gories, col­ors, and a com­pletely dif­fer­ent de­vel­op­ment toolkit.

The type­faces are IBM Plex Sans and IBM Plex Serif, de­liv­ered by Google Fonts. The source code is avail­able on GitHub.

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Feeds #

Apart from HTML con­tent on the web, you can sub­scribe to this web­site via the fol­low­ing feeds:

License #

The fol­low­ing li­censes ap­ply to all ver­sions of my per­sonal web­site, un­less stated oth­er­wise on a page: