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Dutch Design Week

I’ll be showcasing Oswald Labs’ technologies as part of the Mind the Step exhibition at the Dutch Design Week 2018 in the Klokgebouw in Eindhoven. The event features design-driven technology and research by the 4TU, the consortium of technical universities in the Netherlands.

This year—supported by the UT’s DesignLab—Mind the Step will present projects at the interface of design, research and technology to 70,000 expected visitors in Eindhoven. It specifically focuses on projects that combine design, research and technology with a social application.

With the support of Miriam Iliohan, co-founder of the DesignLab, Oswald Labs will be presenting immersive demos of our technologies. Shravan, the first blind-friendly smartphone OS, will be on display for people to experience what it feels like to be blind and use a smartphone. We will also have a “experience what it feels like to have dyslexia” installation. More information will follow.

Dutch Design Week is scheduled to be held from October 20 to 23, 2018. Learn more about the event or get your tickets.