2020 #

July #

Co-founded Koj, a Swiss in­te­rior-as-a-ser­vice com­pany

Graduated from Creative Technology BSc at the University of Twente

June #

Wrote BSc the­sis on Email-based Intelligent Virtual Assistants (EIVA)

2018 #

October #

Wrote lit­er­a­ture re­search pro­ject on au­tonomous ve­hi­cles and le­gal reg­u­la­tion

Panelist at AKEPT-WIEF Social Enterprise Forum in Kuala Lumpur

Presented Shravan apps at Dutch Design Week

Built 4 Progressive Web Apps for Shravan

Built and launched Oswald Labs Platform

September #

Built and launched CDN for Undraw

Presented Ara at SpeakUp’s Partner & Jubileum Event

Mentor at NESST Season 3 event

Keynote speaker at NESST Season 3

Presented Frankie at GOGBOT Festival

Came back to Enschede from New Delhi

August #

Panelist & speaker at IIT Kanpur

Sponsor & speaker at IIIT Delhi

Finished v1 of Ara

Keynote speaker at MINET X 2018

July #

Started build­ing Ara, AI-powered busi­ness as­sis­tant

Built Frankie, Frankenstein’s mon­ster chat­bot head

Migrated Agastya’s track­ing data­base from MariaDB to InfluxDB

Went to New Delhi for the sum­mer

Travelled to Toulouse, Paris, Bruges, Cologne, and Münster

June #

Built and launched the new Agastya

Travelled to Rotterdam and The Hague

Launched 10th an­niver­sary re­design of my per­sonal web­site

Built v3 of Agastya’s ad­min panel, this time in Vue.js

May #

Built Uppload, open source JavaScript file up­load­ing wid­get

Built Wendy, AI-powered home se­cu­rity

Interviewed by the University of Twente for Online Open Day

Started re­design­ing per­sonal web­site

April #

Built an IoT es­cape room for IBM Nederland

Continued work­ing on AI & math­e­mat­ics re­search

Built Ava, AI chat­bot for in­sur­ance ap­provals for Talanx

March #

Built CSUnite, hy­per­local clean­ing & e-train­ing app for CSU

Built Firebase/Vue.js web­site & app for DrillMaps

Built and launched new ver­sion of Words with built-in AES-256

Keynote speaker, jury mem­ber, and men­tor for NESST

February #

Worked on AI & math­e­mat­ics re­search with the University of Twente

Built BlueBoard, Bluetooth-powered smart bill­board

January #

Built Drumpad, ca­pac­i­tive multi-in­stru­ment player

Launched Oswald Labs’ new sta­tic web­site

2017 #

December #

Continued work­ing on Oswald Labs’ new web­site

November #

Built RefuServe, train­ing and jobs app for refugees for Trivago

Gave pitch­ing work­shop for Startup24

Resigned Made with Love in India to a plat­form

October #

Built Ara, chat­bot for sched­ul­ing at SpeakUp’s hackathon

Gave pitch­ing work­shop for HardStart Student Entrepreneurs

Built Capella, app for con­certs for Amsterdam Dance Event

September #

Built FaceMatch, face de­tec­tion con­fer­ence app

Built Wikibility, Wikipedia with ac­ces­si­bil­ity op­tions

Started study­ing Creative Technology BSc at the University of Twente

August #

Moved to Enschede, the Netherlands

Hacked University of Twente’s PeoplePages

Built and launched A11Y.co to make Agastya global

July #

June #

Organized BharatHacks, hackathon to solve India-specific prob­lems

Spoke at TEDxHaileyRoad

May #

Made a sta­tic web­site for le­gal firm Kings & Alliance

Started de­sign­ing BharatHacks’ web­site

Panelist at TechCharcha, Facebook Developer Circles

April #

Built and launched a CDN for Ion Icons 3

Resigned Zomato’s Android app UI

Built Access, WordPress theme with a fo­cus on leg­i­bil­ity

March #

Applied and got ac­cepted to 11 uni­ver­si­ties and pro­grams

Worked on sen­tence-by-sen­tence speech syn­the­sis for Agastya

February #

Built and launched new API for Agastya

January #

Worked on a CMS in PHP/MySQL for a client

Built and launched Melangebox, fash­ion ecom­merce

2016 #