This page contains a summary of my professional work, starting from my years in highschool to today.


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At the end of 2012, with increasing support for new JavaScript APIs, I created a super-tiny library for fetching and manipulating DOM elements. The first version was just 696 bytes in size, and the updated second version was 231 bytes gzipped. The library lets developers call familiar jQuery-style methods, like $(element) to find an element and $(element, "click", function() { /**/ }) to add an event listener. This was the first public-use JavaScript library I made.


I was learning Visual Basic in the second half of 2012 and developed a Webkit-based web browser called Neon. It was built on Visual Basic 2008 Express using Webkit.NET with plugins for Quicktime and Flash. Back then, its HTML5 browser rating was higher than Chrome (according to HTML5test.) It featured a tab interface with support for bookmarks, history, private browsing, custom apps, browser password protection, and a universal night mode. I later created an updated version of Neon based around web apps, called Grasshopper.

Global School of Media Crafting

After school hours and during my summer break of 2012, I interned at the Global School of Media Crafting. This was my first internship experience, and I learned about film and television production. I also designed the official logo and website of GSMC during this period.

The Mother’s International School

In January 2012, when I was in grade 8, I worked on my first large-scale project when I redesigned the official website of my school. It went live in February 2012 and had over 1.4 Million pageviews before the website was redesigned in August 2016. The project was featured in an article by Time Out Magazine, since the website was almost entirely image-free (with the exception of photographs). The rounded corners, gradients, and other UI elements were all done through CSS3 properties, which was fairly uncommon back then.