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Zomato for Android Redesign

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I took fif­teen min­utes to make some strate­gic de­sign changes to Zomato’s Android app. I wrote ex­ten­sively about the iconog­ra­phy, ty­pog­ra­phy, and role of ac­tions in the ap­p’s user ex­pe­ri­ence. I wrote this ar­ti­cle orig­i­nally in March 2016 for the Zomato Android team and pub­licly pub­lished it on Medium in April 2017 since Zomato de­cided to im­ple­ment most of my de­sign changes.

Life Update: College

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Just a lit­tle bit of back­ground about my col­lege situation”. How I went from de­sign school in India to back to New Delhi to the University of Twente in the Netherlands. I wrote this post in March 2017 and up­dated it in December 2017.

The Defence for MD5

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A few days ago, I tried to re­set my pass­word on, the press re­leases web­site. I en­tered my email, and they sent me the user­name and pass­word in plain text. That’s right, in plain text.