Public redesign

I’m currently and very publicly redesigning my personal website, so some things might be a little janky!


Published a project on November 30, 2018


E-learning platform for Limburg’s schools with personalized content recommendations and actionable analytics

Published a project on November 17, 2018


AI-powered employee engagement and chat platform with HR automation and analytics for CLS Group

Published a project on October 18, 2018

Shravan Apps

Suite of free smartphone apps for people with disabilities like dyslexia, blindness, and deafness

Wrote a blog post on July 28, 2018

State of the Dock 2018

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Two months after writing State of the Podcasts, where I talked about my go-to podcasts in 2018, this post is about the apps that find their home on my laptop’s dock. These apps are those I use most often and make me much more productive. I switched from a Firefox/Opera combination to Chrome as my primary web browser when it was released in late 2008 because it was fast and secure. Today, I use Chrome because it’s still standards-compliant and I’m very deep into the Google ecosystem.

Wrote a blog post on July 15, 2018

Introducing Universal Screen Reader on Agastya

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Read aloud was one of Agastya’s signature features when it first launched, and our beta partners like Nayee Disha — a collaboration between the UNDP and large corporates to skill and employ women in rural India — extensively made use of it. It was the easiest way to have a blind- and illiterate-friendly mode which automatically reads aloud the content of a webpage.

Redesigned website on July 8, 2018


Wrote a blog post on June 9, 2018

Introducing the new Agastya

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Since we launched Agastya in late 2016, we’ve come a long way. Today, we’re announcing the biggest update to our end-to-end web accessibility platform. This update is currently available only to our Pro 1M customers, and will be available to everyone this summer. Privacy-first

With the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation last month, people are familiar with getting tens of emails with updated pri

Wrote a blog post on May 28, 2018

State of the Podcasts 2018

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I started really consuming audio content in the form of podcasts and audiobooks about two years ago, and I’m very often asked what podcasts I listen to. This is the first list in a series of reviews about my daily drivers of content, services, and products. I first started heavily listening to podcasts when I joined the gym (that didn’t last) for about half a year.

Published a project on May 27, 2018


Smartphone-based home security system with face detection, AI chatbot, and real-time notifications

Published a project on March 11, 2018


Hyperlocal on-demand cleaning and employee training app for the Netherlands’ second-largest cleaning service provider.