Hi, I’m Anand

I’m currently building FirstQuadrant, an AI sales platform that encompasses a complete suite of tools for inbound, outbound, and nurturing sales.

I also make angel investments and do nonprofit work. Previously, I founded rent-to-own furniture with interior design company Pabio and accessibility technology company Oswald Labs. I’m also an award-winning open source contributor and Y Combinator and Forbes 30 Under 30 alum.

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Theme for 2024

Yearly theme that dictates quarterly goals

Year of Gratitude

In 2024, I want to focus on the wellbeing of myself and those around me: I want to focus on my mental health and give myself time to exercise, introspect, and learn. I want to properly take Sundays off and spend more time with myself and my loved ones, and I want to see my personal trainer and my therapist with more regularity and review my goals frequently. Secondly, I want to actively practice gratitude to be more thankful for everything I have. I want to be more appreciative of the people in

OKRs for Q1

Personal Objectives and Key Results

Move in to new house
Fully move from rental to owned house
Furnish and set up workspace
Update registrations and legal work
Strong start to 2024
Track finances every week
Write 1 blog post every month
Publicly launch new company


Tracking my life data in real time

26.591232838 years old

Next birthday

Currently in Utrecht, The Netherlands

It’s 9:11 pm (UTC +01:00)

Slept 7.6 hours

1.2 hours REM sleep, 85% efficient

9,882 steps walked

474 active calories of 2,648 total

Readiness score is 67%

Was 87% on the previous day

Traveled to 15 countries

Most recently to United Arab Emirates