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Period and sexual health companion for women that gives personalized tampon recommendations and access to self-help resources.

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Machine Learning in 6 Lines

At Oswald Foundation, we’re currently building a user interface for the blind, a smartphone UI that works entirely on vibrational and speech feedback. While reengineering the Phone app, the app you use to make calls, we decided to incorporate some machine learning. If you call your Doctor in the morning every day and your parents in the evening on weekends, the app should be able to analyse that pattern and pre-populate the list of contacts relevant to the current time and location.

Life milestone on August 5, 2016

Co-founded Oswald Labs

Oswald Labs is an accessibility technology company that builds products for people with disabilities, like blind-friendly smartphone and dyslexia-friendly reading apps.

Life milestone on March 26, 2016

Finished high school

Graduated from The Mother’s International School while receiving the Dharamveer Gajra Memorial Award for Positive Work in the Field of Information Technology and the Ratan Lal Lahoti Memorial Award for Topper in English (98%, CBSE SSCE). I was also President of MINET (technology Club), and a member of Impulse (physics club), Navchetna (yearbook editorial board), and MISMUN (Model United Nations).

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The Missed $30 Billion Opportunity

When I posted Study, but with a Difference two years back, my friends and I had an incredible idea that was going to change the way students think of education in India. We wanted to create a platform where students and teachers can find each other. We soon moved to a platform where students can access good-quality study material for free. I am about to take my 12th grade board examinations next week, so over the past few weeks, I have been re-thinking the Class Rebels business model.

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Encryption engine and password manager in C/C++ built for my highschool Computer Science class.

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Introducing Saga Music

Music has always been an integral part of our lives. Ever since people started using the internet, they’ve been downloading music and movies. The process became relatively simple with the introduction of Napster in 1999, which led to the development of many such tools. I remember growing up with Limewire and Bearshare. After the discontinuation of these services in after ten long years, downloading music became really complicated again.

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