COVID-19 and GitHub Actions at Dutch DevOps & GitHub Community

  • 8th DDOG
  • Dutch DevOps & GitHub Community
  • Remote/virtual event

A fellow GitHub Star Barbara Forbes organizes the user group Dutch DevOps & GitHub Community (DDOG):

We want to create a community for content related to DevOps and GitHub. We believe GitHub has a lot to offer and deserves a user group in the Netherlands. But we also love the different elements that enable DevOps. So we decided to combine those two into the community you are looking at. Our goal is to have a platform where we can teach, learn and meet each other.

On the 8th DDOG event, I gave a longer version of my talk from GitHub Satellite on Karuna 2020 and helping solve COVID-19 using GitHub Actions. In the talk, I took participants through building workflows for git scraping, how our Airtable and Pupeteer integrations work, and other popular open-source COVID-19 projects. Other speakers at the event were Suzanne Daniels (Spotify), and Sascha Klomp and Torben Knulst.

Details about the event are available at

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