I spend one to two hours every week men­tor­ing early-stage en­tre­pre­neurs and help­ing them build tech­nol­ogy-fo­cused star­tups.

Getting started #

The eas­i­est thing to do is write me an email at men­tor­ing@anand­chowd­ with what I can help with. I try and re­spond to each email.

GrowthMentor #

I sched­ule free men­tor­ing ses­sions through GrowthMentor. If you’re not part of GrowthMentor, you can also sched­ule a call us­ing my per­sonal Calendly, just make sure you’ve al­ready reached out to me via email be­fore re­quest­ing a call.

Here are some of the nice things peo­ple have said about me:

A re­nais­sance en­tre­pre­neur? That is how I would de­scribe Anand. His breadth of en­tre­prenue­r­ial ex­pe­ri­ence is re­mak­able even for a seaonded se­r­ial en­tre­pre­neur and ranges from so­cial to for-profit. — Rainer Harms, Associate Professor at University of Twente

Anand gave good feed­back from a busi­ness as well as from a per­sonal per­spec­tive. I wish I had talked to him a few month if not years ear­lier. — Hendrik Henze, en­tre­pre­neur from Göttingen

Anand just im­me­di­ately gets what I’m try­ing to do, with min­i­mal ex­pla­na­tion, and had some re­ally solid ad­vice on fu­ture di­rec­tion. Super smart guy. — Michael Taylor, co-founder and COO of Ladder