This package helps you display the right icon for web browsers, operating systems, and device manufacturers. It’s super useful if you’re building an analytics product.

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⭐ Getting started

Add Analytics Icons to your project:

npm install analytics-icons

Then import it in your project:

import icon from “analytics-icons”

And use the function with your product query:

const chrome = icon(“Chrome”); // Returns a CDN image URL for the Google Chrome icon
const mac = icon(“macOS”);

// Add the image URL to an `img` tag
document.querySelector(“img”).setAttribute(“src”, mac);

You can also supply a fallback image:

const image = icon(“ChromeUnknown”, “generic-browser.png”);

Or a dynamic fallback image:

const image = icon(“ChromeUnknown”, “http://server/fallback/{query}.png”);

If you don’t, we fallback to a Bing-powered image result for “{query} icon”.

🎨 Examples

📝 License