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JavaScript library to generate an event link for Google Calendar, Yahoo! Calendar, Microsoft Outlook, etc.



// Usage with Node.js
const { google, outlook, office365, yahoo, ics } = require(“calendar-link”);

// Usage with TypeScript or ES6
import { google, outlook, office365, yahoo, ics } from “calendar-link”;

// Set event as an object
const event = {
  title: “My birthday party”,
  description: “Be there!”,
  start: “2019-12-29 18:00:00 +0100”,
  duration: [3, “hour”],

// Then fetch the link
google(event); //…
outlook(event); //…
office365(event); //…
yahoo(event); //…
ics(event); // standard ICS file based on


Property Description Allowed values
title (required) Event title String
start (required) Start time JS Date / ISO 8601 string / Unix Timestamp
end End time JS Date / ISO 8601 string / Unix Timestamp
duration Event duration Array with value (Number) and unit (String)
allDay All day event Boolean
rRule Recurring event iCal recurrence rule string NOTE: Only supported by google and ics
description Information about the event String
location Event location in words String
busy Mark on calendar as busy? Boolean
guests Emails of other guests Array of emails (String)
url Calendar document URL String


  • Any one of the fields end, duration, or allDay is required.
  • The allowed units in duration are listed here:
  • The url field defaults to document.URL if a global document object exists. For server-side rendering, you should supply the url manually. Not all calendars support the guests and url fields.
  • If you don’t pass the start and end time in UTC, Google will convert it to UTC but Outlook won’t, so it’s a good idea to use UTC when passing dates and times
  • There are some known issues in Office 365 because of which we can’t generate a consistent link in all devices (#542)


MIT © Anand Chowdhary