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Changebar is a GitHub-powered changelog notifications widget for the web. Easily tell your users what’s new, fetched directly from GitHub by Staticaly CDN.

⭐ How it works

Add Changebar to your project with NPM:

npm install changebar

Import it to your project:

import Changebar from “changebar”;

Initialize it with your button (which, on click, will open Changebar), GitHub repo and file with your changelog (respect Semantic Versioning for best results, see Keep a Changelog):

const notifications = new Changebar({
  element: “button#notifs”,
  repo: “AnandChowdhary/changebar”,
  file: “”

Then, the magic happens:

  • Changebar will now use the GitHub API and find the most recent commit hash
  • This hash is used to get the most recent version of your Markdown file with the changelog
  • Staticaly CDN will serve the file from your most recent commit
  • The total number of “notifications” is the number of subheadings in your semantic changelog
  • Changebar will add the number of unread notifications to your button:

Notifications button

  • When a user clicks on the button, Changebar will show a beautiful notifications interface with your changelog, rendering Markdown and applying CSS rules
  • Using local storage, Changebar will remember how many notifications a user has already seen

🖼 Screenshot

Screenshot of Changebar

💻 Configuration

You can use the following options in the constructor:

new Changebar({
  element: “#notifs”, // Button to add notifications to
  repo: “username/repository”, // GitHub username/repo format
  file: “”, // Name of the file to look at
  heading: “h2”, // Selector for headings in rendered HTML (optional)
  hide: “h1” // Hide these elements the rendered HTML (optional)

Changebar adds the changebar-is-fetching, changebar-has-error, and changebar-completed classes to your button to keep track of the Fetch requests.

It also adds the data-unread-count attribute with the number of unread notifications and the changebar-has-unread class if there are unread notifications.


You can use the following methods for programatical access:

Method Description
open() Opens Changebar
close() Closes Changebar
toggle() Toggles the open state
isOpen() Returns whether Changebar is open

For example, you can open Changebar like this:;

🛠️ Development

Start development server with HMR and prettier:

yarn start


Build a production version:

yarn build

Changebar doesn’t ship with any polyfills, just ES6 transpiled to ES5. You might want to add polyfills for the following in your build process, based on how backwards-compatible you want to be:

  • Fetch API (no IE, Chrome 42+, Firefox 40+)
  • Promise (No IE, Chrome 33+, Firefox 29+)
  • Array.prototype.includes() (No IE, Chrome 47+, Firefox 43+)
  • Element.classList (IE 10+, Chrome 8+, Firefox 3.6+)
  • ParentNode.querySelector() (IE 8+, Chrome 4+, Firefox 3.5+)

✍️ Todo

  • Make it work
  • Tests
  • Better API with events
  • Changelog with GitHub releases

📝 License