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Flags are not languages, so we shouldn’t use country flags as language icons.

You can use these icons instead.

They are generated using the language’s ISO 639-1 code, combined with some colors. Colors are flag-inspired. For example, green/red for Portuguese, and they fallback to blue for unknown colors. If you want to color a currently blue icon, edit the colors.json file and make a pull request.

Each icon is an SVG, around 300 ± 10 bytes.

🖼️ Usage

You can use a CDN like Unpkg to embed a flag icon:

In HTML, for example:

<img alt=“English” src=“”>

Icons are also available on NPM:

npm install language-icons

They are in the ./icons folder, you can use an SVG loader to import them:

import English from “./node_modules/language-icons/icons/en.svg”

⭐ Why

Example of flags versus language icons

🎨 Icons

See the list of icons:

English Hindi Portuguese German French Chinese Spanish Dutch Urdu

⚒️ Building

Install Typescript dependencies and build icons using the npm run build command.

📝 License

Icons and code, both MIT