Bootstrap and configure any project using its template — clone a repository, update data using variables, and more.

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💡 Usage

If you want to quickly bootstrap a project, use npx:

npx carpent

Example screen recording

Alternately, you can install the package globally from npm:

npm install —global carpent

Use the CLI:


Or, import and use the API:

import { carpet } from “carpet”;

  repo: “”,
  // …all configuration options here (see API Configuration)

Setting up Carpent with your template

If you’re building a template repository that others can use, you can add Carpent by creating a .carpentrc file in the root with the following schema:

  “questions”: [], // Configuration questions to ask
  “deleteFiles”: [], // List of files to delete
  “beforeAll”: [], // Scripts to run before process
  “afterAll”: [] // Scripts to run after process

For example:

  “deleteFiles”: [“.carpentrc”], // Delete the .carpentrc file
  “questions”: [
      “name”: “name”, // `name` is required in each input
      “type”: “input”, // Let users type an input response
      “message”: “Project name”, // Ask them this question
      “files”: [“package.json”], // Update the package.json file
      “jsonKey”: “name” // Change the `name` key in package.json
  “afterAll”: [“echo ‘Completed!‘”] // Run this script at the end

Each question under questions support the following properties:

Property Description
name (required) Internal name for question
type (required) One of Inquirer.js’s question types
message (required) Question to ask the user
default Default value for this answer
choices Let users select one of these options
files Update these files
jsonKey Update this JSON key
find Find this value for replacing
replace Repace with this value

API Configuration

You can specify a key-value pair as the API parameter with the following properties:

Property Description Default
repo Git repository URL Required
dir Path to directory to create “carpent”
license License MIT License
licenseName Full name for license
initializeNewRepo Initialize new git repository false

👩‍💻 Development

Build TypeScript:

npm run build

Run unit tests and view coverage:

npm run test-without-reporting

📄 License

MIT © Anand Chowdhary