Uppload is a JavaScript file uploading widget I designed and developed. I initially built the plugin in April 2018, and then built the second version in late 2019 and released it in early 2020. Uppload v2 has 20+ ways to select files, and 10+ ways to edit images before uploading them.

For example, users can import pictures from popular free image repositories like Unsplash and Pexels without having to worry about the license.

What made Uppload v1 great was that it was end-to-end, meaning that users could take a picture from their camera, crop it to square, and upload it – all from within the plugin. With Uppload v2, there are over 10 new effects apart from cropping, like rotation, flipping, and adjusting filters like brightness, contrast, and saturation.

Uppload was the #1 Product of the Day on Product Hunt, and is available on GitHub.