Track your reading using repository issues and generate a and open API automagically.

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⭐ Features

  • End-to-end automated workflow using GitHub issues:
    • Create GitHub issues to add the books you’re reading
    • Track your reading progress by adding comments to the issue
    • Close the issue when you’ve completed the book
  • Get a summary and JSON API for your reading data
  • Uses Google Books API to fetch details like cover and ISBN

Get started

This repository only includes the GitHub Actions required as dependencies. To get started, visit AnandChowdhary/books and use it as a starting point. You can use the Use this template button to create a new repository:

  1. Go to AnandChowdhary/books
  2. Click on the “Use this template” button or fork the repository
  3. Add a book by creating a new issue with the book’s name

First, create a new issue in your repository:

Screenshot of new issue button

Then, write the name of the book and author as the issue title:

Screenshot of issue title

Lastly, press the “Submit new issue” button and you’ll see a comment and labels added automatically:

Screenshot of comment in issue

In your book’s issue, simply enter in plain text the progress. For example, “I’ve reached page 100” or “I’ve completed 24%”, or “I’ve reached page 42/542”. The issue title will be automatically updated to include your reading progress:

Screenshot of new issue button

When you’ve completed a book, simply close the issue. An automated comment will be added to tell you about your reading time and some new labels will be added.

Screenshot of new issue button

When creating a new issue for the book, add the label “want to read”.

📖 Example

Simply create issues with names of books, and Bookshelf Action will automatically organize them with labels:

Screenshot of issues

Additionally, a summary of your reading progress is generated in the file:

Screenshot of README

📄 License