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For my high­school Computer Science pro­ject, I built an en­cryp­tion en­gine and pass­word man­ager in C/C++. I wrote a pseudo-en­cryp­tion al­go­rithm with string ma­nip­u­la­tion, ro­ta­tion, and en­cod­ing.

Keeep is a light­weight pass­word man­age­ment and en­cryp­tion util­ity for Windows. It stores all user­names, pass­words, credit cards, free-form notes, and more, in a se­curely en­crypted file, pro­tected by a sin­gle mas­ter pass­word. Keeep is writ­ten in C++ in Code::Blocks.

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How it works #

  1. User cre­ates an ac­count, a bi­nary data file is cre­ated as .dat
  2. User en­ters a pass­word, which is en­crypted us­ing the al­go­rithm, and stored as the first record in the user file.
  3. For log­ging in, the app looks for the data file and fetches the first record. It de­crypts the pass­word stored in the first record and logs the user in if the pass­words match.
  4. User can now view all records or add a new record.