Made with Love in India

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You see this metic­u­lously made hand­i­craft item which would be the per­fect ad­di­tion to brighten up any liv­ing room. You pick it up, ad­mir­ing the at­ten­tion to de­tail when sud­denly you spot the Made in India la­bel at the bot­tom, in­stantly mak­ing the prod­uct you were ad­mir­ing sec­onds ago feel as cheap as dirt.

Why is it that a Made in Italy la­bel makes peo­ple feel as if the prod­uct had been made in heaven it­self? Why does it give the prod­uct a sense a class re­gard­less of its qual­ity?

Now, imag­ine your­self with the beau­ti­fully made hand­i­craft once again. You care­fully in­spect it in your hands when sud­denly, you spot a la­bel on the bot­tom, stat­ing, Made with love, in India. A warm feel­ing comes over you and a smile plays on your lips. You reach for your wal­let and pur­chase the prod­uct.

A small thing — a sim­ple ges­ture — can brighten up some­one’s day and re­mind them that they should be proud of help­ing lo­cal en­tre­pre­neurs who con­tribute largely to the econ­omy. Take pride in buy­ing and us­ing prod­ucts made in India; af­ter all, you too are one of India’s many fine prod­ucts.

Made with Love in India is a plat­form to cel­e­brate, pro­mote, and build a brand — India. Over 75 or­ga­ni­za­tions use the Made with Love in India badge and hun­dreds of users use the plat­form.

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