Introducing Uppload v2

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In April 2018, I made the first commit to Uppload (56bd930) and pitched it as an idea to Michael, the founder of El Niño, to fund the development of an open-source JavaScript file uploader, something that the web desperately needed. Later that summer, we launched Uppload and started using it in our projects.

Today, I’m proud to launch Uppload v2, a rewrite from the group up in TypeScript, with support for over 30 a-la-carte plugins, keeping the same powerful API, easy-to-use interface, and browser support.

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Anand Chowdhary is a creative technologist and entrepreneur. He is the co-founder and CTO of Pabio, an interior design and rent-to-own furniture company funded by Y Combinator. He lives in Utrecht, the Netherlands.

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