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This is the sec­ond year of my an­nual State of the Podcasts list, where I high­light my daily dri­vers of au­dio con­tent. This time last year, I pub­lished State of the Podcasts 2018, and not too much has changed. Let’s see what has.

New and note­wor­thy #

These are the pod­casts I’ve started lis­ten­ing to in the past year.


Made by Ratik Sharma (who is my good friend, full dis­clo­sure), Unbox is the 🏆 Best New Podcast of 2019. Listen to it here. It takes you through the tough de­ci­sions you make grow­ing up in mod­ern India, with a fo­cus on the state of ed­u­ca­tion and tal­ent. Especially for high-school stu­dents, this is my most-rec­om­mended pod­cast.

Instant Message

Instant Message show­cases The Wall Street Journal’s per­spec­tive on tech­nol­ogy trends, so it’s like lis­ten­ing to the news from the best jour­nal­ists while tak­ing a deep dive into the so­cioe­co­nomic as­pects of them all.


Everyone knows a16z as one of the most im­por­tant VCs in the Valley, so it’s es­pe­cially in­ter­est­ing to hear their con­ver­sa­tions with founders about what to (and what not to) do.


Every episode of Heavyweight is an au­di­tory ad­ven­ture with Jonathan Goldstein. He goes through past ex­pe­ri­ences as a pseudo-ther­a­pist-in­ves­ti­ga­tor to heal old wounds. It’s hi­lar­i­ous, and also the clos­est that a pod­cast has ever come to de­thron­ing Hello Internet as my all-time fa­vorite pod­cast.


This is my go-to pod­cast when bik­ing from home to uni­ver­sity. Each episode is 30 min­utes, which is 20 min­utes at 1.5x, ex­actly the du­ra­tion of my my bike ride every morn­ing. It cov­ers four tech news top­ics in each episode with var­i­ous guests.


Heroku is my fa­vorite PaaS com­pany, and their re­cently-launched pod­cast cov­ers web de­vel­op­ment and de­vops. It’s a great lis­ten, al­beit with plenty of Heroku pro­mo­tion.


Just like Brady Haran’s other pod­casts, Numberphile is def­i­nitely one of the best ones out there for math­e­mat­ics en­thu­si­asts. Each episode is a pri­vate con­ver­sa­tion with a math­e­mati­cian.


I started writ­ing TypeScript in early 2019, and TalkScript is my fa­vorite place to fol­low TypeScript up­dates, hear about new pro­pos­als, and learn new parts of the lan­guage.

Travel Genius

I’ve been on 13 flights in the past year, and I’m cer­tain that Travel Genius has the best tips on how to travel — every­thing from small lo­cal tourism hacks to ef­fi­cient lug­gage pack­ing tips.


This is my pod­cast for stay­ing up to date with every­thing Apple. I also used to lis­ten to Material (for Google) from RelayFM, but I find the play­ful­ness of Connected’s hosts ad­dict­ing.

Works for Me

Bloomberg’s Works for Me, in­ter­views peo­ple and comes up with just the most in­ter­est­ing tips and life hacks. It’s a rel­a­tively new ad­di­tion to my list, but it works for me. :wink:

Without Fail

Gimlet founder and Planet Money cre­ator Alex Blumberg does­n’t do pod­casts lately, but when he does, they’re worth lis­ten­ing to. In this, he in­ter­views suc­cess­ful CEOs on their biggest mis­takes.

Character Count

Twitter’s de­but pod­cast, Character Count, is a great place to hear about mar­ket­ing tips and op­ti­miza­tions, and how to op­ti­mize Twitter. Unfortunately, the SMO is lim­ited to Twitter, but well worth it.

HTTP 203

Google’s HTTP 203 is one of my fa­vorite YouTube se­ries on front-end web de­vel­op­ment, and its pod­cast form goes in-depth in new web stan­dards and in­ter­est­ing ideas.

2018 and be­yond #

I’m still lis­ten­ing to these pod­casts from State of the Podcasts 2018:

Player #

I still use Pocket Casts as my pri­mary pod­cast player. This is what my Podcasts” screen looks like:

Screenshot of podcasts Screenshot of podcasts Screenshot of stats