For my highschool Computer Science project, I built an encryption engine and password manager in C/C++. I wrote a pseudo-encryption algorithm with string manipulation, rotation, and encoding.

Keeep is a lightweight password management and encryption utility for Windows. It stores all usernames, passwords, credit cards, free-form notes, and more, in a securely encrypted file, protected by a single master password. Keeep is written in C++ in Code::Blocks.

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How it works

  1. User creates an account, a binary data file is created as .dat
  2. User enters a password, which is encrypted using the algorithm, and stored as the first record in the user file.
  3. For logging in, the app looks for the data file and fetches the first record. It decrypts the password stored in the first record and logs the user in if the passwords match.
  4. User can now view all records or add a new record.