BlueBoard is a Bluetooth-powered smart billboard that actually cares about you. Privacy-first and context-aware, it connects with your smartphone via Bluetooth and shows you relevant advertisements and information.

Users can open the BlueBoard app and set their preferences by assigning points from 0 to 10 to everything you they like — from technology and fashion to food and the weather. BlueBoard listens to the app and securely transfers their preference data. It then understands their preferences and shows them the best, most relevant advertisements from multiple sources. With multiple users, it finds their common intersts and shows what works for everyone.

BlueBoard was my project for the module “Smart Environments”, a quarter of Creative Technology BSc’s first year focused on ubitiquous computing and the IoT.

BlueBoard used a custom-built Android app written in Java, along with an Arduino program that would send the JSON data object via serial communication to Processing. Processing would compute and display the relevant information on the screen.