The ClassRebels Dream

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“A substandard education will always result in a substandard nation.” — Aubrey Priest

Unlike all stories, ClassRebels didn’t start with the simple idea of making teachers and students connect in a way they’ve never connected before. It started with an idea to bring about a reform, a change, and a revolution. In India, this change was long needed. The society is evolving, and our education system needs to catch up.

We believe that the whole idea of education is taken in the wrong sense. It’s become a misconception that studying is only about scrolling through the pages of your textbook the night before your exam. It’s not about that. Education is about freedom. Like Nelson Mandela said, “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”

And that’s the dream we’re trying to fulfill. Making education not restricted to classrooms—instead of a professor talking to hundreds of students in one single auditorium—we’re providing both students and teachers with a place where they can interact with each other. Where they can study, but with a difference.

Our mission is to develop our nation’s human resource. The way education takes place right now is inefficient, and we’re trying to redesign the system from group up. A new definition to how students study. A new paradigm. And in the end, a revolution. We know that the best weapons manufacturer always won the war, and connecting the dots, we understand the importance of education in twenty-first century India. Us, being students ourselves, know the problems faced while trying to get that degree.

However, we do not believe that there is an absence of good teachers and educational content. That’s entirely false. The only problem that arises is that there is no way a student can discover an amazing teacher, or a teacher can discover an amazing student, without already having mutual contacts. That’s what we’re trying to change. A place where students can look for everything they need, from notes to teachers’ updates to calendars based on studying schedules. All in one single place we like to call ClassRebels.

We’re a group of students who believe that this reform was largely required. And since nobody was doing it, we decided to do it ourselves. A place made by students, for students.

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