Wrote a blog post on August 12, 2017

UTwente PeoplePages Contact Book

As a future creative technology student at the University of Twente, I wanted to get in touch with a particular professor. Their website, PeoplePages, uses a RESTful API for AJAX requests to search for university staff, so I decided to add everyone to my contacts using API scraping to save time in the future. I did a query to find all results starting with the letter “a” and got a minified JSON response with all data. Fortunately, they have unrestricted access to their endpoints. This is wha

Wrote a blog post on April 11, 2017

Zomato for Android Redesign

I took fifteen minutes to make some strategic design changes to Zomato’s Android app. I wrote extensively about the iconography, typography, and role of actions in the app’s user experience. I wrote this article originally in March 2016 for the Zomato Android team and publicly published it on Medium in April 2017 since Zomato decided to implement most of my design changes.

Wrote a blog post on March 1, 2017

Life Update: College

Just a little bit of background about my college “situation”. How I went from design school in India to back to New Delhi to the University of Twente in the Netherlands. I wrote this post in March 2017 and updated it in December 2017. I graduated from highschool in April 2016 and joined the Unitedworld Institute of Design (UID) in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, after working at the Government of Delhi for a month.

Wrote a blog post on February 26, 2017

The Defence for MD5

A few days ago, I tried to reset my password on PR.com, the press releases website. I entered my email, and they sent me the username and password in plain text. That’s right, in plain text. The problem with this method of password storage is that if anyone gets access to your database, they can literally just see the passwords. This is why hashing is used, which converts the plain text password to an encrypted “hashed” version that is, in an ideal world, undecryptable.