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I think Twitter should have a concept of sub-accounts. It’s not smart to create a Twitter account for every small project, but it’s often a necessity for support or a social media presence. In my case, I have a Twitter account, and so does Oswald Labs (which makes complete sense since it’s a company and I’m just a small part of it).

However, I also have several other projects, like Made with Love in India, a platform to showcase Indian-made startups, which has its own Twitter account. However, I can’t keep scaling this for every new project (I refrain from saying “startup”, but what I mean is “super-early startup idea which still needs some social media presence”).

The solution: Twitter Subaccounts. I, @AnandChowdhary, can have sub-accounts, like this:

  • Main account:
  • Subaccount about GitWriter:
  • Subaccount about whatever:

On going to, you see the combined timeline of all tweets authored by me, both from the main account and any subaccounts. On, you will only see tweets from the GitWriter subaccount. Think of it like adding a tag to your tweets, and a special view to see all tweets with a specific tag.

The second and more important part of subaccounts is that people can not just tag @AnandChowdhary, but also @AnandChowdhary/gitwriter. Now, people can say: “I think @AnandChowdhary/gitwriter is a nice way to quickly add blog posts to my site”, and I know they’re talking about the specific product, not me in general.

I as an individual don’t have to create a separate Twitter account for every single consumer-driven product, service, or open-source project. Larger companies can have subaccounts for categories (e.g., @Samsung/support instead of @SamsungSupport, and @Facebook/design instead of @facebookdesign).

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