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When I first started us­ing Google Docs, my fa­vorite fea­ture was smart” au­tosav­ing. Smart” be­cause it’s not just an in­ter­val, but also based on con­tent changes. Today, al­most all pop­u­lar web-based text ed­i­tors have both au­tosav­ing (WordPress, Medium, etc.) and rich text for­mat­ting (think [f]CKEditor and TinyMCE a decade ago).

The ques­tion is — how can I com­bine the rich text and au­tosav­ing as­pects with git’s ver­sion con­trol, so I can smartly save only the changes to a file and eas­ily go back. Plus, why not write text in Markdown? Everybody loves Markdown.

GitWriter is an app I made in a cou­ple of hours for ex­actly that. It’s a fron­tend-only PWA writ­ten in Vue.js and Typescript (decorators and every­thing!), hosted on Netlify. It con­nects with your GitHub ac­count (personal ac­cess to­ken), you shoose a repos­i­tory and file, and just write. GitWriter au­to­mat­i­cally com­mits your changes as you write every few mo­ments.