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I think Twitter should have a con­cept of sub-ac­counts. It’s not smart to cre­ate a Twitter ac­count for every small pro­ject, but it’s of­ten a ne­ces­sity for sup­port or a so­cial me­dia pres­ence. In my case, I have a Twitter ac­count, and so does Oswald Labs (which makes com­plete sense since it’s a com­pany and I’m just a small part of it).

However, I also have sev­eral other pro­jects, like Made with Love in India, a plat­form to show­case Indian-made star­tups, which has its own Twitter ac­count. However, I can’t keep scal­ing this for every new pro­ject (I re­frain from say­ing startup”, but what I mean is super-early startup idea which still needs some so­cial me­dia pres­ence”).

The so­lu­tion: Twitter Subaccounts. I, @AnandChowdhary, can have sub-ac­counts, like this:

On go­ing to twit­​Anand­Chowd­hary, you see the com­bined time­line of all tweets au­thored by me, both from the main ac­count and any sub­ac­counts. On twit­​Anand­Chowd­hary/​gitwriter, you will only see tweets from the GitWriter sub­ac­count. Think of it like adding a tag to your tweets, and a spe­cial view to see all tweets with a spe­cific tag.

The sec­ond and more im­por­tant part of sub­ac­counts is that peo­ple can not just tag @AnandChowdhary, but also @AnandChowdhary/gitwriter. Now, peo­ple can say: I think @AnandChowdhary/gitwriter is a nice way to quickly add blog posts to my site”, and I know they’re talk­ing about the spe­cific prod­uct, not me in gen­eral.

I as an in­di­vid­ual don’t have to cre­ate a sep­a­rate Twitter ac­count for every sin­gle con­sumer-dri­ven prod­uct, ser­vice, or open-source pro­ject. Larger com­pa­nies can have sub­ac­counts for cat­e­gories (e.g., @Samsung/support in­stead of @SamsungSupport, and @Facebook/design in­stead of @facebookdesign).